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Too stressed? Its time to pack your bags and leave! But wait, there is a catch…

Another delayed post, almost as though I have started expressing my thoughts through some other medium, or have lesser thoughts to express. But neither is true, as one grows more mature, he takes to keeping his thoughts to himself or sharing it with an intimate group of people, and this often leads to lesser debate on the effectiveness of what is being thought as well as lesser learning from the experiences of others with similar mindsets.

We are often left alone at certain junctions in our lives where everything seems to be insecure. A time when your career is yet to take off (most effective statement for the entrepreneurial lot), your personal life is in a mess (an understatement) and every time you zero in on a person you thought you could trust, you realize you couldn’t be more wrong. It is at these moments you feel that life cannot not get worse, and on the immediate next day something bad happens in the place where you least expect it to.

Now frankly, stopping everything and running away is a great option. Just forget whatever you started, remove all those people who you thought add meaning to your life and leave the city, if possible the country. You are good enough to find a job anywhere else, there is no need to take such stress and give birth to an ulcer or overshoot your blood pressure. But then, that is not how it actually ends.

You end up fearing your past, feeling uncomfortable while looking back to who you were and who you wanted to become. There will definitely come a time when you will look back and think to yourselves, “I ran when I could have stayed and made it better. I could’ve done so much if I had the patience to do so and the faith in myself.”

To quote the legendary Steve Jobs, a man who I feel really struggled to get himself to where he did, ” Sometimes life is gonna hit you on the head with a brick, don’t loose faith.” At a time when it all seems to be coming down on you, the only right thing to do is fight it back head on. Fighting it back does not always mean being ruthless in your approach, the best fights are won with a smile and a calculative mind, making note of when to strike enemy to ensure maximum effect. For you, the enemy may not be a single person, it may be a situation or multiple created by individuals around you. It pays to stay quite and let the tide cool, and then take steps forward to fix whatever went wrong, or start them afresh, always with a smile.¬† Be it the struggles of being a budding entrepreneur, the perils brought in by the one you truly love or the inability to trust people with anything important because like before, they may let you down when you needed their support the most (both professionally and personally). This is your battlefield, do not let the enemy take advantage.

Patience is always the key, no matter how old you become, problems will always be there. Multiple problems such as the ones you are facing can only get more intense from here on, trust in yourself that you can pull it off and wait patiently for your opportunity.

It is OK to break down in disappointment, we are all humans at the end of the day. It is OK to sometimes not, “Be Strong” but admitting defeat and running away is something one must avoid from considering. Your enemy I repeat is the negative situation created around you. Fighting it back with a smile and effective thinking, sometimes apologizing first and over performing later is the way the leaders of today can best win their battles for success.

Ask yourself, these following questions every time you feel like letting go:

For your career

“Why did I start this in the first place?”

“What was I expecting to achieve”

“Do I still want¬† it? How Badly?”

“If I trust this person and am let down like before, what is my plan B”

For your relationships

“Is he/she still the same person I had originally met”

“Am I gaining the same mental peace and happiness that I once expected from the person”

“Is the effort to stay in touch only one sided?”

With the passing of each day, we become better and more experienced at handling our own problems. The most successful people in the world have learned on what to keep pushing for, and what to let go. Whom to give a second chance to and whom to banish from their life forever. And these decisions happen after a lot of trial and error, the key at the end of it all, is to not loose faith, the rest will fall into place.