“Heaven on earth of the undead” – Story of those forgotten Indian fighters

We have often spoken about how we tend to forget those soldiers who everyday lay down their lives for the nation, who everyday is forced to leave his/her family unprotected and uninsured in this cruel world for the sake of our nation. But how much do we know about those men who have been injured in battlefield in such a manner that they can neither die or live in this earth.

Let us start with the story of a young commando who was a part of the 21 para SF commandos who had finished his training in Bangalore with highest honors. After a few operations, he finally became a battle casualty while serving in Bhutan in OP parakram in 2002. After treatment it came to his realization that his days as a commando was over as he was rendered paraplegic for life. (From the commando’s blog)

This is the scenario of many soldiers who have served in the Indian army but are in a state which is safe to call “undead”.But as much as these points are true, all hope is not lost for these dare devils. Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center Pune, an institution, that can by far be considered the support system for all paraplegic martyrs of war.
The Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre, Pune (Kirkee), is run by the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre Committee appointed by the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Command,Pune with General Officer Commanding Pune Sub Area as a Ex-Officio Chairman and a Board of Directors. It was started after the Bangladesh war in 1971 and today has 109 beds and is the largest center for paraplegic soldiers in South Asia.

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