Tips to crack the “Internship”.

In this age of extreme competition, academic brilliance and extra curricular activities are not enough to guarantee a resume presentable enough to be called “perfect for the job”. to make up for this problem, interning in companies to get practical exposure and a taste of office life and pressure has become the most common option for us young professionals.

In most cases it is seen that the initial 3 weeks of any internship is the most frustrating period where it seems like the entire company is hell bent over to break you, not to mention a worst case scenario where you are the only person interning and no one is available to share your stress and frustration. The first three weeks are always the worst. It is said that this is the time period between which your employers test if you are up to the mark or not. Whether this is true or not is really not the question, the fact is to stand in life, you must tolerate and live through this test with a smile on your face.
Now is that possible?
It most definitely is. What must always be kept in mind is there should be a smile instead of a frown and the ego should go for a holiday. The thoughts of getting overworked and exhausted must be accepted as a small price to pay for a stamp of success that will help to kick start your career and sail towards your goal smoothly in the future. Your target must be to finish all given work as perfectly as possible and to initiate a good rapport with your surrounding colleagues.

To achieve these things, you must keep in mind some very simple points.
1.Always be courteous and greet your colleagues-sometimes a simple “good morning” or the “thank yous” actually do wonders in building up a good relationship with the seniors, everyone after all, likes to be greeted.

2. Always keep in mind to take notes of whatever is to be done- when your superior is dictating your tasks it is a good idea to take notes no matter how easy it is to remember it. That way it gives an impression that you are seriously paying attention and the chances of forgetting to do something( which will happen with the amount of work you will be given) is not an option no matter how small the thing may be.

3. Never show your temper- in those moments of extreme pressure where the bosses really don’t ask what your working on before giving you more, do not loose your cool. This is one of the main tasks you must learn to master. At these times be polite and tell your superiors that you will do their work once you have finished with what has been given to you. In case they point out their job is of top priority tell them that the person who gave you the previous work also mention the theirs to be top priority.

Start being friendly with the youngest employees- do not expect to have a good rapport directly with the branch head or director of the company. Communicating with them will be towards the end. Start mixing with the youngest employees first, start a conversation with them. Then slowly expand your friendliness. The occasional joke on subjects related to the work also help, but it must be kept in mind to not hurt anyone’s sentiments or go below the belt.

Always remember to have a personal rapport with your boss- this is a point that most definitely must be kept in mind when interning in a group. Your boss will have tons of work to do and will not really remember you by face, it is your job to make him/her know you by face, name and character before your internship ends. Try to go the extra mile, always ask to lend that helping hand when you get the time. After finishing every task, ask how it could have been done better, in case of documentation making like presentations and excel sheets, try and observe any particular style your boss enjoys using, try following it.

Above all these points is the important one, you must always have the tenacity and hunger to not only finish the job, but to learn how to go about it. So that the mistakes you make here, are never repeated again. That is what makes you different.

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media student at isbm Kolkata, interested in advertising.I enjoy debates and group and discussions,i also don't hesitate to put my point across even if it is against a majority....

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  1. One addition Rahul. Talk often to your Manager. As you said takes notes , but not only of the tasks at hand but the lessons learnt. Leave behind a “What I learnt in your company” with a thank you note. Do NOT be surprised if they hire you. Company’s are always looking for young guns who can learn and learn fast and if they can do that most company’s feel confident that those Young Guns will be their Top Guns in the near future. Best of Lick

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