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Dream ‘small’…the sky is the limit…

We all have dreams in our lives. We dream that one day, we shall become the masters of our own universe. By far, dreaming big is good, dreaming big gives you courage, dreaming big gives you confidence, but it is also necessary to have stepping stones planned that will finally take you to your dream.

Every constructive advice I have received has always had a common statement that’s sounds like, “the sky is the limit, just go for it!” It sounds truly reassuring, and all those who have told me this, trust me it was a great ego boost. Funny enough, the sky is never ending and vast with too many things in it, how is it signifying a persons particular target.
It is necessary to dream big, but its also necessary to have targets to fulfill so that you know that you are closing in on your final destination. It is necessary to have small targets, fulfill them and then move on to the next. On a personal note (though I am too inexperienced to say much) I have realized that if you keep a target of perfection from the very first stroke, it is not possible, things don’t work that way. Achieving your goal is like making your child a successful young lad. Your target becomes your child’s birth, the hazards involved are the parenting problems and finally, if your good enough, that dream will shine. Its a slow process, its a frustrating process at times, but its the only way. And like parenthood where you expect your child to make it big but you keep small expectations to give yourselves and child fulfillment of someday making it big, your dreams are no less.
I am not telling the people to stop saying things like, “the sky is the limit” but on a more practical forum, even though the sky is a good sign signifying your dream, “considering the dream is success and success is a very broad term” it is necessary to make small targets between the final destination and starting point. Look at it as steps of a staircase, so that in the end when you cannot continue for whatever reason, you look back and can say, “yes, I crossed quite a few steps.” In the end, it should really matter for every step you took, it was an investment of your own sweat and blood and it should all be of some worth.


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