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1 year of ‘constant’ change…

On the 12th of May 2011 the trumpets of victory were sounded by the opposition marking the end of the 35 years rule based on the concepts of Marx&Engels. It was time for the public to see a change in the way their beloved Bengal is governed. This ‘constant’ change from Red to Green to Blue&White has truly been eventful but the publics’ expectation is all about productivity.

The new rule started off with a bang! Productive or not, it seemed to make a difference and to change the notorious and corrupt mentality of anything ‘government’ in the state. From the police to the not so popular ‘shorkari kormochari’, the Bengal leadership was everywhere trying to ‘change’ or rather mend their notorious ways. It was truly a time when people accepted and praised these actions and was happy to give this ‘change’ a ‘green’ light.

But it was the painting of this ‘green’ city to ‘blue&white’ that the people are having a tough time to accept. For the past few months the expression has changed from ‘the leader for the people of Bengal’ to ‘the feurur of the people of Bengal.’

Starting with the frequent problems with the center, putting the state in a state of embarrassment to the banning of popular newspapers in public places to calling a rape case a got up scene, the list of awkward situations and dictatorship decisions that have been taken are endless.

The most unacceptable act would be sacking of the railway minister just two days after he presents the budget and replacing him with a candidate who was not at all accepted by the Prime Minister. Yet the center had no choice seeking major future issues if this clause was not accepted.

The latest issue that has been in the limelight is the arresting of a professor of a popular university after a cartoon mocking the controversial removal of the railway minister was circulated apparently by him in social networking sites.

Overall, we truly can feel a ‘change’ but what we are desperately trying to feel is the productivity of that ‘change’. Once we feel that, we can truly say “for man, for soil and for mankind”.

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