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How ‘truly’ embarrassing it is to speak in english on an international platform…

We have often been mesmerized by the concept of various country leaders speaking in their own native language in international forums. This has often made us make fun of ourselves for preferring to speak in the international language. But how big an embarrassment is it truly?

In maximum non-english speaking countries, the important people prefer to speak in their mother tongue. These are people who have translators tagging along with them daily and even though they are keeping the ‘translators’ profession alive, there is no other reason really, to be proud. If being able to speak your native language fluently is a thing of pride, speaking another countries native language fluently with a native of that country is a thing of greater pride. And indian’s do exactly that.

Whether it is english in an international forum, or any other language in any national forum, an indian tries to be as flexible as possible. In spite of that we regularly have discussions and sometimes official debates on ‘how indians are embarrassed to speak in Hindi on an international platform’.

The funny hypocrisy of this situation is that the people who say such things are usually greatly influenced by english. They watch the english news channel, read the english newspaper, do official work in english and themselves keep their native language for pleasure reading. They themselves do not speak in their native language officially.

The others who do not fall in this category either cannot speak in english or lead to meager lives to require it, so such views from them should not be very surprising.

It is high time we realized that knowing more languages and flaunting it internationally is a good thing. It is high time we realized, indian’s and their linguistic flexibility is what makes us more popular worldwide. It is this versatility that we should be proud of and not have frequent discussions on how ashamed we are of our mother tongue or native language.

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