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a display of armed brilliance…

On the 11th and 12th of december 2011 Royal Calcutta Turf Club played host to the Indian Army’s annual stunt show display which they organize every year celebrating their victory in the 1971 war against Pakistan.
I had the good opportunity to witness this wonderful event on the 11th and the experience has most definitely left me awestruck. It made me wonder how much control these soldiers have over their body and mind to be able to do these things with such ease.
By the time I reached the turf field I realized that I wasn’t the only enthusiast as even 2 hours before the event,the place was swarming with people. Starting with 5 year old kids right up to 70 year old people,everyone had come to cheer the army,and pay their respect to the flag.
The flag was hoisted and everyone stood up as a mark of respect,it also kicked off the event as just after that a black army ambassador with four mounted police officers on its sides entered and rallied around the field once.
This was followed by three helicopters coming from turf view side almost racing above our heads, the choppers had the Indian flag hanging from one of them.
This was followed by a stunt display where a pilot was flying his propeller plane in perfect circles right above the crowd. At this point everyone was on their feet spinning their heads round and round trying to follow the plane.
As the plane left,we saw a very small object falling from the sky. It was soon joined by many more similar objects, they were all par a-jumpers. What a view it was to see so many people descend from the heavens. The last par a-jumpers were three soldiers descending together with three parachutes resembling the tri-color.
The next act,my favorite one yet was a hostage rescue drill a team of commando’s performed. It was splendid how two choppers flew in and air dropped around twelve commando’s and then left. The commando’s took their positions and their mission was to blow up a wooden entrance of a house. The entire drill took around twenty minutes where some were trying to approach the door while others were watching their back. At the end they blew up the wooden door,the explosion was rather loud and unexpected and it left the crowd awestruck. The choppers came back and took the commando’s away leaving the crowd applauding like crazy.
Next in store was a par a-glider showing of his large propeller ed par a-glide. It was announced that par a-gliding is a stunt of intense practice and we were amazed to see how well this soldier was using it.
The next display was the most anticipated one for the crowd,police motorcycle display. The shweth ashmaved were a group of 29 riders,each of whom were mind bogging stunt men who left the audience with wide open jaws after their performance. These men did stunts like the v cross,the double v cross where bikers would cross each other at great speed in v form.
This was followed by swimming on the seats,standing,making a bell shape with 7 people, two people standing on a ladder,flying fish,spinning like a chakra and finally all 29 on 7 bikes making a moving pyramid. Only god and they themselves know how they kept those bikes moving while standing on the seat upside down. Their last stunt was where 1 person drove his bike and jumped over quite a few of his team mates. And to think all this was done on royal en fields!!!
The event ended with the gorkha battalion band playing a beautiful tune as the sun set,giving a feeling of what a glorious nation we truly are…

Photo courtesy sutirtha chatterjee

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Kolkata december 3rd-ISBM school of communication today organized a seminar called media mindprints where media stalwarts from every line in the industry came and hosted sessions where inquizzitive students took part in the discussions making it a rather interesting and interactive seminar.
The seminar took place in kalakunj which is the basement of kala mandir. It was inaugerated by Dr Pramod Kumar,Director International School of Business and Media,Mr Surendra Poddar campus head of ISBM kolkata and fashion photographer Mr Maxwell Agacy. Mr Maxwell Agacy thereafter hosted the session on photography where he told the students the story of his life,how from being a struggling photographer in tollygunge he became a well known photographer in Miami. He also answered various questions asked by the students on the industry and how to make a mark there.
He was followed by well-known ad maker Mr Saugoto Guha. What he mainly spoke about is how a person must live life to the fullest and break all social barriers to properly understand the true essence of advertising. He claims that he sometimes gives his subordinates in his company certain exercises that are pretty awkward and sometimes force them to bend their normal ways in order to do them,but it helps to break the ice. He also made a valid point by saying,first know every detail of your own backyard,then venture outside,that makes a true observer and innovator.
This was followed by a performance by the students of the college amongst whom was a student named Saheb Sharma who was playing the piano and then the violin but is visually challenged.
This was followed by the screening of the various short films that had been submitted by various colleges for a film making compitition.
In the second half Subhanker Banerjee the regional programming head of star jalsha took the stage and gave a rather interesting address al on how TV shows are made and how they analyse a show to be a success or not. It was interesting to know how they condition their shows and ads in accordance to the target audiences.
The last guest was Mr Mainak Bhaumick who is a renowned short film maker who has also worked in tollywood in a few films such as bedroom.
This was followed by the prize distribution ceremony for the the film making and photography compitition. Almost every participating college won in some category or another. The day ended with a performance of kolavari di by the college students after which there was a performance by the gurukul dance troop. Overall it was a splendid event indeed.

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