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An artistic vision….

Today was a day that the city of kolkata shall remember as the day the youth rose against the typical stereotype mindset of the society.Around 2000 youngsters gathered today in this procession led by Soumojit Majumdar of St Xavier’s college mass communication division,according to him,they are trying to tell the people that culture in kolkata is not just about nandan cinema and lebu cha,it is so great that it should be brought out to the streets so that it can mesmerize the young and old.

With students wearing alternative form of clothing and the style of music and dance,it was quite noticeable that the message was to eradicate the monotonous mindset with an artistic approach.But how much of this can really change the mindset of people?

Talking to a fellow senior during the walk i realized certain things.Art is not created in the mind, it is created in the heart.Art cannot be explained,it can only be understood,it is the outlook of a person that defines art.A masterpiece for one person may simply be disaster for another.Today we could consider the entire procession as titanic,a grand ship sailing for its maiden voyage,nothing more grand and more elegant than it in the entire ocean,but then again some people may see it as vessel for mass failure and destruction.

As i said before,the outlook of a person is very important,it is these various outlooks that gives us various art forms and a diversity to our culture.

whether it is walking around in horrendous clothing,composing a song or dance tune and circulating it or just drawing a portrait worth a thousand words,you don’t have to make anyone happy but yourself,doing that helps to diversify and tell others that at least one person has tried to be different,one person tries to  break out of stereotype and the rest shall follow.

A student rightfully quoted,”we ask for freedom from all suppressing bodies,the intension of the heart is to let go and fly high.”All the said with knocking on heavens door being sung by hundreds around us……


So much for youth support….

Till about a year ago i wasn’t  exactly a person who thought there was any hope for a corruption stricken democracy such as ours.But then came a man,someone who time and again for decades proved that one a number that can do wonders.Here came a man changed the way we look at corruption from something that is inevitable to something that can be evicted with the support of India as a country,not India as a political party.

A man with a vision that can fix the disaster that has taken place-this is what the people of India ,especially the youth see him as…and it is this figure that the government has put behind bars today??? And even after doing such things they expect to get their “youth support”??

I am sorry to say,this act properly defines what a “blunder” is…INDIA’S reaction shall not be pretty….

A new reform in kolkata malls…..

Recently i had gone to this upscale Kolkata mall close to Beliaghata connector with main branch in Lee road  and did a considerable amount of shopping.While billing my products i realized the store was charging me extra for packaging.When i asked the reason they promptly showed me the order they received from the government which tells them to banned plastic usage.They claim to be giving me baggages over 40 micron in thickness at a price or i am expected to bring my own baggage.They claim it is a new thing which all stores have started or shall start very soon.What my question is,what is the sense in this.Are they trying to tell us that the government is ready to let us pollute the environment as long as the customer is paying a price for it?

       When i tell these people they have no right to keep plastic bags if it is banned,they tell me what they provide is above 40 micron.I don’t know if the administrators think the customers are dumb but it certainly is axing the customers very severely. When i gave them the idea of keeping paper bags if the customers indeed have to  pay,they gave me a reply stating it shall be processed.

i am willing to pay a price,but not for something i take in bulks in other stores…

Is this a new form of business or another stupid reform by a ruling body???

Either way,it is the customers who  are  suffering…….

What is the true purpose of these public forums??

Recently i had gone to a debate on arrested voices where all the speakers stressed on one thing,how these voices are being arrested.It got me thinking about the number of debates that we have on similar topics all year round with eminent speakers coming each time to prove a point.But what is the after effect of these particular debates,does it help in stopping the suffering,or is it another high profile event where eminent people come in their Rohit  Bal’s and Ritu Beri’s to sit,and have their occasional intellectual evenings and socialize. I admit the fact that these debates have to some extent made the people more aware of our surroundings,but has it helped in its true purpose??A question  i ask all my readers…..