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Victoria-my queen

Victoria Memorial may be considered as on of Calcutta’s greatest wonders.It is a great example of the greatness of the British Indian culture that Calcutta was once a part of.From outside we all know it is a great white structure which we Calcuttans often compare with the Taj,but it is much more than that.The museum inside tells a great story of the entire colonial period,from the time Job Charnock put his foot onto the land,to independence,it gives us an insight to the history of British  Bengal  like nothing else does.Being a media student and working on an independent portfolio,i would like to say that victoria is indeed the best place to go if you want any information about Calcutta.It is what i like to call “The storage vault of Bengali history”.


After so much good,was this necessary?

Today is the day of the brigade,one of the largest rallies of the ruling party that has changed the mindset of Bengal successfully in a very short period of time.This giant rally is taking place in the brigade grounds close to Dalhousie square,one of the busiest areas in Kolkata,and that too on a week day.As a side effect of this great rally,directly or indirectly almost the entire city is shutting down.Schools are closing early and private office goers shall have a nightmare to travel from one place to another.Add to that the slushy monsoon which is already creating a lot of trauma for daily commuters.What i am trying to say out here is was it really necessary for a party which has won the hearts of so many in such a small period of time,to organize something that goes against the liking of all that have welcomed them in open arms.If something like this was really necessary,why not have it on a Sunday,a day the daily commuter does not have to report at a particular place at a given time,so that both everyone is happy and all stay well.

Its time to put the foot down…..

Stating from nuclear submarines to a fleet of new Russian MIG’s to a Russian fleet carrier that is being modified for the past 5 years,the Indian government is spending millions of dollars the tax payers money.But what is the government doing of the defense at a state level.The police of our country use guns such as the AK-47,a weapon which was considered obsolete some 7 years back,their bullet proof jackets are a disaster.Does the government think that national security is the only concern in a country which is at maximum risk of terrorist attack for so many years.Even in Mumbai,the state most prone to these attacks have only 1/3rd of their police force trained at using guns. Every time the national security is threatened,all states are put on high alert for a month or two,and then it all ends.I personally think its time for the police force to pull up its socks and start demanding for proper weapons and training.This recent attack also proved another thing,no matter how many attacks take place,the intelligence departments shall never stop blaming each other and start doing something practical.

Globalisation…How much has India been affected by it??

Globalization is a widely used term in today’s world.In short it can be defined as the as the reason behind the rapid growth of trade,cultural diversity and the main reason for which the entire world today is just a click away.But how much has this globalization  affected India as a whole.Considering a rough estimate of less than 10% people having access to the Internet,a mere 10  %having access to television and newspaper and a majority of people not having any means of information from outside their territory even if this territory is just a 100 kms from a metropolitan city.

Taking all these points into consideration,can we still say that,”since 1991, globalization has changed the standard of living for the country as a whole.”?

should the government regulate the ads who have children as their target audience??

In countries such as Sweden,Britain and France,Norway,Germany the government has laid down specific rules for ads who have children as target audiences.

the rule very clearly say that such ads must follow certain guidelines which include  *upholding the parent child relationship

*communicate information truthfully

*the must not have a negative affect on a child’s social behavior….

taking into consideration all junior product ads on Indian it necessary for the government to also take up these steps???


Hey,my name is rahul bagchi and i am a media student from isb&m kolkata,my interests are in advertising and PR.Being new to this world,i would like to ask U,my fellow bloggers what you expect from a blog being run by a junior media student,overlooking topics related to advertising and PR.all advices and criticisms shall be taken into consideration…thank u!!